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Surveillance photos from Czech Dungeon

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Have a look at these surveillance photos taken by the security cameras at the Czech Dungeon. See these prostitutes have sex with their customers in the first underground whorehouse. Click here to see the videos.

Czech Dungeon

Czech Dungeon

We discovered something unbelievable! World’s first brothel for poor!!!

And you will see all the shocking scenes thanks to our hidden cameras!!
Girls in cellar on filthy mattresses, separated only by dirty rugs! For 200 CZK (about 8 USD) you can do anything you want!!!
The rough pimp is watching over the whole place and keeping it running!
Fuck, cum and leave! The line of horny guys is endless. This is about satisfying your lowest needs only.
Would you believe such places exist? You won’t believe unless you see this!
This is the raw reality of Czech underground brothel!!! Click here to visit Czech Dungeon